Le doux parfum du succes

Success can be sweet - especially when it's crowned with a PM Gold award

New year resolutions for your brand

Get your brand off to a flying start in 2015

Placebo advertising

A Placebo Advertisement is just like a Real Advertisement except it is devoid of active ingredients.

Welcome to my world

We all carry our own micro-reality with us wherever we go. What's yours?

Ebola, a lesson from history

Can we learn anything from our responses to previous epidemics?

Antibiotics - been and gone in 100 years?

On Antibiotic Awareness Day we ask: Are we approaching the end of the antibiotic era?

Prozac pigeons

Are we turning wild birds into SSRI junkies? Our nature correspondent writes.

Desktop detective

Miriam is small, fast, and will tell you if you have cancer using just one millilitre of your blood.

Smart manoeuvre

Trademarking a medical procedure may be hard for some people to swallow

Spirit of independence

What can marketers learn from the Scottish independence campaign?

Mind the gap

How to write the perfect brief (and 7 ways to get it wrong)

Driven to success

Going above and beyond for a creative pitch…

Robin Williams 1951-2014

Why we feel such a sense of loss at the death of Robin Williams.

See the opportunity. Seize the day.

How fast can Pharma respond to news events? Within days, if everyone is on the same page.

Death of the stethoscope

Can't hear a heartbeat? Recent news suggests that the stethoscope is about to become obsolete.

Apple beats record for Dr Dre

Who’s the world’s wealthiest doctor? At the moment it’s Andre Romelle Young, a US rapper and entrepreneur also known as Dr Dre.