Life Healthcare Communications

Slippery Polls

The real X factor is how people make their voting decisions

The Law of Brevity

If you want your brand message to be remembered, keep it short.

Get your kit off (for the recently bereaved)

It isn’t a proper funeral without a stripper, as they say in China.

Finding love...an ad that you love

What is it that makes someone love an ad and someone else have quite the opposite reaction?

Behavioural economics explained by a bar crawl in Amsterdam

How do we arrive at decisions? Grab a beer and I'll explain

True Colours

How would you describe your attitude to colour? Exquisitely Sensitive, or Fifty Shades of "Meh"?

Richard's out of rehab

Why was there such an emotional response to Richard III’s funeral? We have a hunch.

Life introduces the world’s first scratch’n’sniff website

Newly-launched website is a success in every sense

In search of synaesthesia

Could learning to connect our senses be the key to creativity?

Small but perfectly formed

They say the best things come in small packages. In the case of a new diagnostic test developed at Harvard University, it’s certainly true.

HIV in my lifetime

When I was at school, AIDS was misunderstood, feared and fatal.

Gene genie - three parents is one too many

Medicine is a force for good, just don't mess with my genes.

The three parent baby thing

Mitochondrial replacement may not be natural, but who wants nature anyway?

Antibiotics - solving the problem

Now we know the scale of the antibiotic resistance problem, what can we do to tackle it?

Le doux parfum du succes

Success can be sweet - especially when it's crowned with a PM Gold award

New year resolutions for your brand

Get your brand off to a flying start in 2015

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